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Empowering Competent Integrative Holistic Practitioners

Institute of Integrative Health Specialists

Our instituted designed online and live workshops and courses that anyone can attend to educate themselves on ways to improve health and others.

Our courses is a complete and all-encompassing program to empower you to become a unique model of care and well-being. Per the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, "the field of integrative health and medicine reaffirms the importance of the practitioner-patient relationship, focuses on the whole person, is evidence-based, and employs all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals, and professions to achieve optimal health and healing." Our courses will give you the tools to apply in your practice.

Improve your self-awareness in the calm at our Holistic Wellness Center

Healthy Starts Here: Mind, Body & Emotions.

At the Institute of Integrative Health Specialists and Holistic Wellness Center, we incorporate integrative health treatments into our complete health programs. Our focus is to help you fulfill your health needs—body, energy, mind, emotional, and social.

Our healing center offers an immersive experience in traditional medicine and teachings, including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Bodywork, Cupping, Yoga, Spiritual Coaching, traditional African teachings, Nutrition, and more. Connect today with one of our practitioners who meets your needs.